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The Saga of the Shining Emblem: Chapter XVI

May 22, 8 pm9:30 pm.

Welcome to the future. Megacorportations rule the world and keep all but a select few in a hellscape of technopoverty. There are only a few brave hackers who dare to fight back. Among them there are whispers of a forbidden program…one so powerful it could change the foundations of the world. A program called ShiningEmblem.exe and it could only be wielded by one brave hacker. That hacker….is YOU!

This is the Saga of the Shining Emblem, a improvised adventure story unlike any other! Each performance, one lucky audience member is selected to be the hero of their own story with one actor serving as narrator and every NPC. Their quest is simple, to seek the Shining Emblem an object of unimaginable power capable of granting one wish to whoever wields it. How they find it, or if they even bother to quest at all, is totally up to them! All set to a live score!

Get your hacking gear ready as this month’s theme is CYBERPUNK


628 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY, NY 11211 United States