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The Long Island Theatrical Premiere of The Prom

Saturdays, 8 – 10:30 pm, through May 13; Sundays, 2 – 4:30 pm, through May 14;
The Prom Lobby TV

Running from April 29 – May 14, The CM Performing Arts Center Proudly Presents: The Long Island Theatrical Premiere of The Prom!


Four fading Broadway stars are in desperate need of a new stage. So when they hear that trouble is brewing around a small-town Indiana prom—and the press is involved—they know that it’s time to put a spotlight on the issue…and themselves. The town’s parents want to keep the dance on the straight and narrow—but when one student just wants to bring her girlfriend to prom, the entire town has a date with destiny. Now, Broadway’s brassiest are coming to join the fight and they are ready to kick-ball-change the world.


Saturday, April 29    8PM

Sunday, April 30    2PM

Wednesday, May 3    2PM

Friday, May 5    8PM

Saturday, May 6    8PM

Sunday, May 7    2PM

Wednesday, May 10    7:30PM

Friday, May 12    8PM

Saturday, May 13    8PM

Sunday, May 14    2PM


931 Montauk Hwy.
Oakdale, United States