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Red Guy: Live!

January 29, 7 pm9:30 pm.
$12 advance / $15 day of

The Red Guy (Spike Einbinder) is a 6,000-year-old fallen angel, who has eked a living through every trade in the game since being kicked out of Heaven. The Red Guy in name alone, they are a demonic entity with an earnest love of humanity despite not being a member. Descend into hysterics through the Red Guy’s history on earth from Biblical Genesis to New York City 2023 where they seek redemption after having been exiled from every profession known to mankind except one… Stand Up Comedy.


Sarah Squirm (she/her) [https://www.instagram.com/sarahsquirm/]

Ike Ufomadu (he/him) [https://www.instagram.com/ikeminded/]

Peter Smith (they/them) [https://www.instagram.com/ptrsmth/]

Macy Rodman (she/her) [https://www.instagram.com/macyrodman/]


635 Sackett St
Brooklyn, NY 11217 United States

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