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“Purim Around the World” Megillah Reading in Many Languages

March 6, 7 pm9 pm.

Experience a unique megillah reading as we unfurl many languages to relay the Purim story, during this evening of music, language, art, and Purim party!  An Ashreynu event, in partnership with the Jewish Language Project.  Immerse yourself in the vast linguistic and artistic history of the Jewish people as we journey from the palaces of Shushan throughout the ancient Persian empire and beyond.    There is also a Pre-Megillah Happy Hour (6pm) at Madame Marie’s: 35-15 Broadway, a few blocks from Grove 34.   And an after-party at 8:30pm at Grove 34.

Due to limited seating capacity, RSVP is required for Megillah reading and tickets are required for the afterparty, at ashreynu.org/event/purim/


3183 34th Street
Queens, 11106