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Pride & Pasties

June 10, 8 pm9 pm.

It’s about to be a titillating pride! This pride season, come to Pride & Pasties at the Delight Factory. We’re gunna get GAY with a stellar variety line-up with live music, drag, poetry, and burlesque. Nothing says Pride like community care, so audience members are strongly encouraged to bring clothing and menstrual products to donate to the Brownsville Women’s Shelter. Suggested items listed below. See you there and PLEASE MASK


Sapphic Fire

Andie Sleaze


Queen Rose

Cochina Divina 


Hosted by:

María Milagros

With gogo and kittening by:

Catboy Harley


When: Saturday, June 10, doors 7:30PM, show 8:00 PM

Where: Delight Factory, 303 Saratoga Ave, Brooklyn 

Tickets: $15

Age: 21+

Masks are strongly encouraged, even if you are vaccinated

Drinks & snacks available w/ encouraged donation



  • shirts and pants, MUST be clean and in good condition.
  • Menstrual products
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Socks and underwear
  • DO NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES donate used underwear. 




Maria Milagros is The Boricua Thunder of burlesque!​ A diva with an ass that jiggles like flan, Milagros has macheted her way to the top with a coqui song in her heart every step of the way. After just two short years of doing burlesque professionally she has been featured with Queer & Now, EMERGENYC, Burlesque Apothecary, Wink and a Smile Productions, That’s Camp Burlesque, Hubba Dubba Burlesque, Sabor Burlesque Revue, Providence Fringe Festival, The Tank NYC, House of Yes, the Ohio Burlesque Festival, and in Bustle Magazine. 


Is a native to the Bronx NYC, and an electronic artist, producer and MC with a refreshing take on the intersection of house music, techno and Hip-hop. Ooman has established their practice as a performer, using the energy of the stage to inform their unique sound.


Andie Sleaze is the king of excess and a converted hedonist. They only want one thing: a good time, and with their electric moves and wild mixes, they’ll give you one, too. You can find them on Instagram at @andie.sleaze.


Sapphic Fire is the Bisexual Burning Bush of Burlesque. No matter the weather, they’ll set the stage ablaze and leave a trail of smoke and sapphires in their wake. Tonight, consider this your formal invitation to embrace the flames. 


Queen Rose was born in the Bronx, raised in Queens and is now blooming in Brooklyn. They are a fashionista and burlesque dancer, who is passionate about inspiring people to live their most empowered lives. She is an advocate for self-love, fat positivity, and supporting the community, especially her LGBTQIA+ and POC siblings. She hopes seeing her liberate herself through her fashion and performance will help you learn to love your fat a little bit more.


Cochina Divina is a proud Latine nonbinary drag and burlesque artist based in Brooklyn. Inspired by everything from Latin dance to biblical torture, and fascinated by living and exploring the In-Betweens and otherness in life, Cochina is vivacious, explorative, and dripping with enthusiasm. Keep up with this connoisseur on instagram at @Cochina_Divina.

Catboy Harley is everyone’s favorite stage gremlin! They work hard to shake ass and collect tips for all the beauties you see before you. But be warned, this gremlin may just also steal your heart!

Zaddiwhorebuxxx is a drag artist based in Brooklyn NY. Most recently they have been featured with Queer & Now.