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Murdered by The Mob Dinner Theatre

This event has already taken place.Saturdays, 7 – 9:30 pm, through Dec. 17, 2022;

You are all invited guest to Johnny’s Party to celebrate his becoming the new Mob Boss after the Death of Big Pauly Castello.
When you arrive you will be greeted by Mobsters, Mobetts, the Politician and the Grieving Widow. Show starts with funny Mob Announcements to honor guest celebrating Birthdays, Anniversaries, engagements, Bachelorettes Party’s or whatever your special occasion is, then the fun begins!!
Show starts, crimes take place, the cops come in, and audience members are questioned. Who was it?! How did they do it?! And who’s next?! Keep your eyes open and ears open the killer could be right next to you!
Mid way through the show one of our characters gets a music contract and with the audience help we get him to sing a few songs and the DJ plays a few songs and guest are dancing. The main course is served around this time kind of like at a wedding! After the dinner and dancing the show continues remember to check all the clues that have been found so you can figure out”whodunnit?!” There is a little more dancing at the end. show ends with prizes for best actors and actresses and for who ever solves the crimes, 7 prizes in all at the longest running dinner theater “whodunnit?!”
Ages 8 and older.