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Meditate in Outer Space with The Big Quiet

October 22, 2022.
$40 General Admission, $35 Members
The moment of seeing planet Earth from space – known as the Overview Effect – has been defined by those who have experienced it as a shift in consciousness.

This moment of transcendence will inspire our collective journey through space, and through our own sense of self in the first-ever mass meditation in the Hayden Planetarium Space Theater, as the Museum’s Director of Astrovisualization Carter Emmart and Senior Scientist Jackie Faherty navigate a voyage through space in a special event presented in collaboration with The Big Quiet.

You’ll experience The Big Quiet’s brand new mass meditation format, with transformative breathwork set to music, a deep sound bath, live string instrumentalists, special guest musicians, and community conversations.

Program 1
Doors open at 2 pm
The Big Quiet begins at 2:30 pm

Program 2
Doors open at 4:30 pm
The Big Quiet begins at 5 pm


200 Central Park West
New York, NY, 10024