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Hall des Lumières Partners with The Doughnut Project: Limited-Edition Donuts Available This Weekend!

September 9, 2022.

To help celebrate the opening of Hall des Lumières – Manhattan’s first permanent center for immersive art experiences – the exhibit has partnered with The Doughnut Project, a female-led, hand-crafted, small-batch doughnut shop in the West Village, to create a Klimt donut available this weekend!


The “Gold in Motion” donut is inspired by the color palette and motifs made famous by Klimt’s golden, shimmery paintings. Available for purchase at The Doughnut Project beginning 9/9 – 9/11, as well as on the opening day, 9/14. The first 10 customers who purchase the donut each day will receive one gifted ticket to see the exhibition, courtesy of Hall des Lumières.


Would love if you could share the Klimt donuts with your audience.

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