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Grupo Niche

February 11, 8 pm11 pm.
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Grupo Niche is a Colombian salsa orchestra formed in 1980, recognized by critics and the public alike as the most successful in Latin America during the last four decades. It was started in the city of Bogotá by Jairo Varela Martínez, a native of the department of Chocó. With the passage of time and in search of inspiration, they decided to travel to the city of Buenaventura on the Colombian Pacific coast, and finally, in 1983, they settled in Cali, in the western region of the country, which would become their base of operations.

In 1990, Jairo Varela produced “Cielo de Tambores”, the group’s most successful album. Songs like “Una Aventura”, “Busca por Inside”, “It looked so much like you”, “Sin Sentimiento”, “Cali Ají” and “Debiera Olvidarla” broke new ground and were an undeniable success throughout Latin America. Through their tours, the group used their newfound influence to entertain their fellow immigrants and ethnic groups in each country.

On August 8, 2012, teacher Jairo Varela suffered another heart attack that caused his death. There was great grief over his passing in Colombia and several other countries. His funeral lasted four days due to the love of his fans. Numerous tributes were received from governments and individuals, and the legend of “Jairo” began.


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