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“Global Crisis. Our Survival Is In Unity” Open International Online Forum

November 12, 2022, 3 pm11:30 pm.

Speakers of the Forum: Ichak Adizes, Dorien Rookmaker, Robert Kennedy, Margrete Habsburg-Lothringen, John Perkins, Foster Gamble, Edgar Brandt, Sheyla Bonnick, Pohiva Tuionetoa, Alisher Mukhamedov and many others


Key topics of the Forum:


Climate Crisis

– Unknown factors of climate disasters

– The true causes of the record increase in the number of natural disasters

– Analytical forecast of global events in the near future

– Fighting CO2: myth or reality? How do they profit off of CO2 and why is electricity becoming more expensive?

– Practical solutions to the climate crisis


Economic Perspectives

– The world economic crisis. How will it affect you personally?

– Artificial energy crisis

– When will there be world hunger?

– Limitation of wealth: why is it necessary?

– How to build an economy that benefits everyone?


Social Challenges

– Escalation of violence in society

– Why are the problems of refugees, modern slavery, human trafficking, organ trafficking, and drug trafficking not being addressed?

– Ways to solve the global health crisis. Providing everyone with free, high-quality healthcare

– The reasons for the degradation of the education system. What will fix the situation?

– How is public consciousness being manipulated? Mechanisms of protection


Geopolitical Crisis

– Expansion of military aggression

– Why is the idea of reducing the planet’s population being promoted?

– Practical solution to all crises: the transition from a consumer format to the creative society

– How can the unification of humankind help solve global problems?