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Canarsie Can Arise Wealth of Health Fair

December 6, 2022.

Rebecca Morgan Dementia War and OMeil NOVado MORgan in Association presents First Annual Canarsie Can Arise Wealth of Health Fair To promote community healing. We will commemorate our US Constitution Amendment Thirteenth 157 year ending of slavery with Canarsie Can Arise Wealth of Health Fair to heal from our collective trauma still from enslavement. We will Sankofa to reach back to move forward. We acknowledge our fore parents and we hope to feel how they felt December 6 1865 on the ratification of Amendment 13th. We need to feel being Free on the day December 6 2022 though our fore parents may have not known. While we commemorate Juneteenth for June 19th 1865 the day is not in our US Constitution. As such we seek to bring awareness and to make December 6 a High Holy Day. We welcome all community members to attend and we hope they know how it feels to be Free .


NY United States