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Brooklyn Wedding Fair

April 7, noon5 pm.

The eagerly anticipated 1st Annual Brooklyn Wedding Fair is set to take place on Sunday, April 7th, offering a unique boutique experience for couples at the Green Boutique in Gowanus from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM. This event is an essential resource for couples at any stage of their wedding planning journey, offering a platform to celebrate their love uniquely and passionately, and people can expect a day filled with exploration, connection, and inspiration.

Curated by Alessandro Spreafico and Olga Kochanova, the founders of the acclaimed Brooklyn Dance Lessons, this exclusive event is designed as an alternative to conventional wedding expos. Emphasizing quality over quantity, the fair provides an intimate setting for couples to meet and interact with a select group of vendors, from bespoke wedding planners to custom gown designers.

Joining Brooklyn Dance Lessons and The Green Boutique are renowned names such as Red Oyster, Buttermilk Bakeshop, Nuage Rhythm, JC Lemon Photography, Happy Planning Events, the Hampton by Hilton, Gowanus Wine Studio, Cinematic Booths, Hudson Filmr, Wandermore Photography, Stylus DJ Entertainment, Daniel Vu Photography, Maybelle NYC, Bella DeNapoli, Manhattan Sweets Boutique, Jelo Pacana Photo, Anita Bride To Be, and Studio Pilates, Technicolor Travels, Brooklyn Cannery, Casita of Brooklyn, and Park Slope Living.

The Brooklyn Wedding Fair aims to foster meaningful connections, featuring live music, gourmet tastings, and the opportunity for in-depth conversations with industry experts. Set within the charming Green Boutique, the event focuses on creating personal and memorable experiences for each couple.

“In Brooklyn, authenticity and personal touch are paramount,” said Alessandro. “By featuring a limited number of vendors, we ensure that couples can genuinely connect with each one, making the planning process a reflection of the unique offerings each vendor brings, rather than a mere checklist.”

Alessandro reflects on the influence of the beloved Wedding Crashers Fair, stating, “The extraordinary work by Founders Ashley and Nicole left a significant void with their hiatus, and we’re dedicated to replicating that cozy, unique experience. Our Gowanus dance boutiques offer the perfect backdrop for an intimate and immersive wedding fair.”

Olga emphasizes the commitment to excellence shared by Brooklyn Dance Lessons, “Providing a five-star experience through our dance instruction has been our hallmark, and we’re thrilled to extend this spirit to the Brooklyn Wedding Fair.”

To maintain the quality and intimacy of the event, tickets are limited (hourly entrance to ensure an intimate experience between couples & vendors).