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Brilliant Evening Venus, Solar Eclipses and More

March 29, 7 pm9 pm.
night sky

There are some exciting astronomical goings-on currently, and in the near future, in our night sky. These include Venus, large and bright and dominating the evening sky for the next few months, and three upcoming solar eclipses, all of which will be discussed in this lecture. You will also learn about the new space missions of astronomical interest, along with scientific facts regarding the unexpected speeding up of the earth’s rotation. Our presenter, Larry Gerstman is an astronomy teacher in Long Beach, who has also organized and led several eclipse expeditions. If the sky is clear enough, you will have the opportunity to go outside to observe the moon, planets, stars, and star clusters using a telescope and powerful binoculars. No registration required.  For additional information, please call the library at 631-567-5079 or visit our website.