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Body Thoughts: An Immersive Celebration of Self

May 25, 3:30 pm8 pm.
Free (Suggested Donation $15)

Does your body talk to you? Are you really listening? What the heck does it even mean to have a body!? These are ‘our bodies’. Body Thoughts aims to inspire love and acceptance of the diverse human form amongst the ensemble and audience. This is a conversation of experience and effects in our society. An ensemble of multidisciplinary artists will take a slice of their life and work together to develop an updated reflection of opinions on the living body, our living bodies.

This is a yearly endeavor to answer the question ‘what does it mean to have a body?’ This year’s piece is part of a larger event featuring multidisciplinary works and an intentional selection of local vendors to create a fully immersive experience.


Suggested Donation: $15 | Venmo: @Body-Thoughts-Donations-Crystal-Marie-A


506 5TH Ave, Brooklyn, 11215
Brooklyn, NY 11211 United States