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7MPR Seventh Midnight Performance – Pride Month Celebration 2024

June 2, 8 pm10 pm.

7Midnights Physical Research (7MPR) is a creative dance theater project which combines dance and live music in its ongoing concert series. The Midnight Performance Series focuses on NYC based artists and has been creating engaging shows since 2019. Our main program, 7MPR Themed Dance Theater is an experimental dance and music theater focusing on performance with 7 themes of social issues: Class, Education, Ability, Sexuality, Race, Age, Gender. By producing shows and bringing artists together with a diverse view of performing arts in dance and music, 7MPR has established a wonderful artists community. This year 2024, we continue the season 3 of the main program of 7MPR Themed Dance Theater-Midnights Performance Series! And now, the final midnight series, The Seventh Midnight Performance, will be a Celebration of the Pride Month at the beginning of June! Come and join the last Midnight Performance at 7MPR Themed Dance Theater to celebrate the wonderful Pride Month and the end of our Season 3!

7MPR Seventh Midnight Artists:

Caroline Nelson-Perrelly
Chris Johnson
Gwen Appenfeller
Yang Sun
Jessica Hutchins
Danna Creager
Bailey Fleming
Rylan Joenk & Melinda Harrison
Magali Johnston-Viens
Zazel Chavah O’Garra & Wendy Ann Powell

Seventh Midnight Music Dance Musician:
Michael Glanzer

Doors open at 7PM



12 St Marks Pl
New York, NY 10003 United States